Trial Court Case Summaries

Even though every case is unique, Neil Miller approaches it with the same care and attention to detail that has resulted in these past successful verdicts and settlements.

$2,100,000 settlement for masonry laborer injured as a result of crane accident; Washtenaw County, MI

$2,100,000 verdict for journeyman ironworker injured by falling steel in auto plant; Wayne County, MI

$1,700,000 for heavy haul driver for injury when utility transformer contacted live wires; Wayne County, MI

$1,650,000 settlement for electrician injured in steel mill crane accident; Oakland County, MI

$1,600,000 wrongful death settlement for estate of ironworker killed when he fell from roof; Oakland County, MI

$1,500,000 for journeyman ironworker injured when steel mill crane rail exploded; Wayne County, MI

$1,336,500 settlement for automobile crash injuries caused in head on collision on icy road; Kalkaska County, MI

$1,250,000 for auto plant die setter for injury caused by crane hook failure; Wayne County, MI

$755,000 settlement for pipe fitter injured in man lift accident; Jackson County, MI

$677,000 verdict for ironworker injuries sustained in fall caused by bolt failure; Clinton County, MI

$675,000 for dry wall finisher injured in fall off of scaffolding; Wayne County MI

$600,000 settlement for journeyman sheet metal worker injured in crane accident; Oakland County, MI

$275,000 settlement for painting superintendent injured in fall through guardrail; Oakland County, MI

$85,000 settlement for police officer knocked down by motorist; Wayne County, MI

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